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Graveyard Designs

Medal Display Stand

Medal Display Stand

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JRMedals and Graveyard Designs have teamed up to bring you their very own first-of-its-kind Medal display stand.

 100% Veteran designed and made, this podium will elevate your service medals and give them the pride of place they deserve.

 Each stand has two sides designed to hold full-size medals. One side has a groove that mates with the curved edge of the medals mounted with the standard brooch pin, or the reverse side has a ledge for medals mounted with push pins or any other types of mounting attachments.

 ✔ Designed To Fit All Types or Medals & Mounting Styles
✔ Free Shipping Australia Wide
✔ Made From Quality Biodegradable Materials
✔ Risk-Free Purchase 100% Money Back Guarantee
✔ Australian Made, Veteran Owned
✔ Worldwide Shipping
✔ Over 200+ Satisfied Customers

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